Equipment Maintenance

Most customers need something simple. Buying maintenance systems that can do everything are great, but we only use 10% to 20% of what they can provide. Most of a customer’s need can be broken down into 5 things:

1) Track the purchase of parts and their consumption on equipment
2) Track labor time and allocate it, either to fix a piece of equipment or an outsource 3rd party vendors time.
3) Track & Schedule PM’s on equipment either based on time or mileage.
4) Connect all these items to the costs of the equipment or to Fixed Assets for depreciation.
5) Track tools, who has it, when did they have it and what work order did, they use it on.

Keep it simple.


Equipment Rentals

A variety of receptacles like containers or pallets can be defined as equipment in Dynamics 365BC ENWIS. The system helps you manage your receptacle inventory, so that you can track at any time which business partner has which receptacle. A receptacle movement history is also available in ENWIS and can be viewed anytime. This can be broken down to the level of the receptacle type or even down to individual tracking (receptacle ID number).

Because receptacle movements and locations can be tracked in Dynamics 365 BC ENWIS, you also have the option of automatic rental invoicing as needed. For the purpose, you can first define individual rental invoice templates to serve as a basis for invoicing. The generated rental invoice can be either sent out as a single invoice or incorporated into a combined invoice.
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