• RecycleSmart was expanding further into their service brokerage marketplace offerings
  • Needed a software was needed to better communicate to partners and automate manual processes
  • Wanted to gain insight with diversion reporting and profitability of waste streams
  • They were able to double their ratio of account reps to account clients within the new system

Since 2016 RecycleSmart Solutions has utilized Microsoft Dynamics NAV ENWIS (ENterprise Waste Information Software) as its ERP business software system. RecycleSmart offers waste management solutions by analyzing localized laws, market variables, and material quantities. They do not own hauling trucks, service routes, or landfills. RecycleSmart reports on carbon footprint data, tonnage and diversion rates, to bill auditing and service consistency. Their expertise includes LEED and ISO 14001 with over 500 affiliated waste consultants across the US, Canada, and Hawaii and are able to conduct on site audits, facility walkthroughs and other hands on service.