• New Market Waste Solutions was expanding further into their service brokerage marketplace offerings
  • Needed a software was needed to better communicate to partners and automate manual processes
  • Wanted to gain insight with diversion reporting and profitability of waste streams
  • They were able to double their ratio of account reps to account clients within the new system
  • They were able to utilize OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to automate all accounts payable documents

Since 2018 New Market Waste Solutions has utilized Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ENWIS (ENterprise Waste Information Software) as its ERP business software system. With expertise dating back to 1992 and having managed more than 90,000+ client locations in every continental state, New Market Waste Solutions is a refuse and recycling management-consulting company that designs and implements customized waste programs to reduce costs, increase operational control, and improve profits for their clients by an average of ~25% back to the bottom line. NMWS assists companies with 24/7 support by negotiating and managing their garbage collection contracts and creating innovative programs that control costs through recycling and garbage compacting.